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The Rise and Fall of New Albion Brewing Led the Way for the American Craft Beer Revolution
This is an era when brewers are celebrated for innovative recipes and advancement in the field of beer, or simply for being themselves. In fact, many of the men and women behind the large and respected craft…

Daughter of founder plans to restart landmark New Albion Brewing Company

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An iconic Sonoma County brand name is returning to store shelves thanks to a daughter who wants to carry on her father’s legacy.Cleveland-based Renee DeLuca says she is hoping to resurrect the legendary New Albion Brewing Co.,founded in 1976 in Sonoma but shuttered since 1982,..

Brooks on Beer: Return of New Albion

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It has been 30 years since the last bottle of New Albion beer was sold, marking an end to the first, short-lived modern microbrewery. But Jack McAuliffe’s brewery, which lasted from 1977 to 1983, inspired a movement…

Happy Birthday To The Microbrewery

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Today is the 36th anniversary of the day that New Albion Brewery incorporated, which happened on October 8, 1976. New Albion Brewery was the first modern microbrewery, the first small brewery to be built from scratch,..

Beer: The father of craft brewing comes out of retirement

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Jack McAuliffe is one of the most significant figures in United States brewing history.
He’s also one of the most elusive.
As a young Navy technician servicing Uncle Sam’s nuclear sub fleet, McAuliffe found himself stationed…

New Albion Brewing Co.

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Three students in the fermentation sciences curriculum at the University Of California Davis gained on the job brewing experience last summer…

Brooks on Beer: Jack McAuliffe, craft beer pioneer

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When you look at the pioneers of the craft beer movement, many trailblazing men and women spring to mind. But this weekend marks an important anniversary: Former Navy engineer Jack McAuliffe incorporated his New Albion Brewery, the first modern microbrewery, in Sonoma on Oct. 8, 1976.. .

Munson: Godfather of craft beer talks hops with Iowans

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Jack McAuliffe was oblivious for years about his two major legacies: He fathered a daughter, and he helped give birth to a modern Renaissance in American beer.   Hoist a glass, my friends: This is an ode to Jack, who made his first trek to Iowa this week as a stopover on his comeback tour…

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New Albion Brewery Site, pt2

New Albion Brewery Site, Part 2

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The Return Of New Albion Ale

The Return of New Albion Ale

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