When I first met my husband Paul, one of the very first dates we had was to share a few drinks at a local bar. I can still remember the thrill of his leg brushing against mine while we ordered another round. Having a beer with him is as much fun today as it was back then. My favorite times with him are most often when we’re sitting on a couple of bar stools enjoying each other’s company and a few brews, talking about our kids, sharing some laughs and making plans for the future.

Paul and I have enjoyed brewery tours from Northern California to the Delaware shore and anywhere else we’ve landed in between. We did the Winking Lizard World Tour together the past two years. We attended the Great American Beer Festival in Denver together last year. We hit as many Cleveland Beer Week events as we can every year. When we honeymooned in Napa and Sonoma back in 2002 (hey, we’re half Italian, we like our wine too!), we also made a stop at the Mendocino Brewing Company Hopland brewpub to pay homage to Jack’s ties there. And we had an annual St. Patrick’s Day party for 10 years running–we’re also half Irish!

Whatever we do, beer is a part of our life together–it seems it has been from the beginning. So this Valentine’s Day weekend it isn’t surprising that our plans are to double date with our best friends Cami & Tim, and try a new restaurant where we’ve heard there is a pretty good craft beer list–The Oak Barrel. And then we’ll catch that sappy, romantic film, “A Good Day to Die Hard.” Because that’s how we roll–always up for a new action adventure together, and a few brews with friends. Cheers and happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you find brew love, too.