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The Rise and Fall of New Albion Brewing Led the Way for the American Craft Beer Revolution

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Jack & Renée’s Story

New Albion Ale® is the original craft beer—the brew that started it all. In 1976, my father, Jack McAuliffe, quietly started the American craft beer revolution when he opened the New Albion Brewing Company® in Sonoma, CA. He influenced, encouraged and inspired countless other American brewers, such as Jim Koch of Samuel Adams, Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada, Stick Ware of Boulder Beer, and Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head.

I didn’t grow up with Jack, but in 2000, when I discovered he was my birthfather and what he was best known for doing, my first response was that I always knew there was beer in my blood! Jim Koch revived New Albion Ale with Jack in 2013, and many people urged me to keep it on store shelves. Today we have partnered with BrewDog to bring you the next generation of New Albion brews! You can order our non-alcoholic stout online, and look for our traditional Pale Ale, coming soon!

Cheers to my father for his pioneering spirit, and I hope you enjoy this living piece of craft beer history!

Renée M. DeLuca

President of New Albion Brewing Co.®

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