Brewing Up Some Summer Fun

Brewing Up Some Summer Fun

Summer keeps rolling on, and the fun keeps coming. Lots of beery good times so far, and more ahead! So far I’ve traveled to New York City for Savor; Delaware for the Firefly Music Fest, sponsored by Dogfish Head; visited Cellar Rats Brewery on a summer Sunday; and saw the Eagles on tour–Joe Walsh just killed it, and all their voices are still as good as ever. read more

Brew Love on Valentine’s Day

When I first met my husband Paul, one of the very first dates we had was to share a few drinks at a local bar. I can still remember the thrill of his leg brushing against mine while we ordered another round. Having a beer with him is as much fun today as it was back then. read more

Cleveland Beer Week ’11 Wrap Up

Closing time…another Cleveland Beer Week in the history books. And what a week it was! There were so many events I wanted to get to, but since I don’t have a clone, I couldn’t possibly make them all. I enjoyed reading posts and tweets from others who made it to the tappings and tastings I couldn’t get to. read more

The Great Pumpkins

Happy Halloween! Hope you got more treats than tricks in your goodie sack. Over the course of this month I tried six different pumpkin ales–there are many more out there–but I got to a half dozen, not bad. I love a really heavily spiced pumpkin ale, so my first place winner was an easy choice: Southern Tier’s Pumking Ale. To me it was pumpkin pie in a glass. read more

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