World Beer Festival Ticket Giveaway

World Beer Festival Ticket Giveaway

Cleveland has been recognized more and more often for the great craft beer town it has become. And it’s the latest city to host the World Beer Festival sponsored by All About Beer Magazine. It arrives on the North Coast Harbor Dock on Saturday, July 13th. read more

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There will be some exciting announcements regarding New Albion Brewing going forward in 2013. read more

So Many Breweries, So Little Time

As our trip to Northern California approaches, I’ve tried to map out a few of the breweries I’d like to visit in the limited time that Paul and I will have this weekend. With suggestions from Gary O’Flanagan of Mendocino Brewing Company, I think I’ve hit on a pretty good plan. read more

An Auspicious Occasion

Today is the 34th anniversary of the arrival of craft brew making to the United States. My father, Jack, wanted to bring the taste of the beers he had sampled (okay, more than “sampled” ) when he was in the Navy, to his homeland. And he did it by pure ingenuity, sweat and imagination. It was 34 years ago today the New Albion Brewing Company was born. read more

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